The Ones Who

This page is for news and updates regarding The Ones Who Remember as a project, including changes to the material, or the website hosting it. Note that the changes are listed in chronological order of when they've been done (or postponed), though exact time is only specified for the day when the update notes are released (generally after a chapter is uploaded or other major update to the site). Bugs that effect the site or work drastically are usually fixed immediately as they are found, and recorded as part of the next update, regardless of when the fix was made.

  1. 2021 November 16th Update
  2. 2021 October 29th Update
  3. 2021 October 14th Update
  4. 2021 September 24th Update
  5. 2021 June 9th Update
  6. 2021 February 9th Update
  7. 2021 February 8th Update
  8. 2020 September 7th Update
  9. Non-Dated Updates

2021 November 16th Update

  1. Fixed some problems and errors in TCOLB001☆C02.

  2. Uploaded TCOLB001☆C09 and updated the table of contents listings.

2021 October 29th Update

    Took a bit of a break to clear our head before finishing the reformatting of chapter 8. After we did that, we figured that since chapter 8 was so short, we would wait until we finished chapter 9, then upload both at once.

  1. Finished the reformatting of TCOLB001☆C08.

  2. Found out that C09 would take way longer to finish than I thought, so I decided to just update what I had.

  3. Uploaded TCOLB001☆C08 and updated the table of contents listings.

2021 October 14th Update

    This update was supposed to come out only a few days after the last one, but things happen, as they always do.

  1. Fixed several problems with the markup of all the pages.

  2. Added extra information to the table of contents, such as word count, content warnings, and what we had named the chapters after.

  3. Uploaded TCOLB001☆C07

2021 September 24th Update

    This update was marked by an odd occasion- our webhost was put under some enormous strain. You can blame cPanel for that. I go over that a little in the update log.

  1. Removed the compatability mode. Our mother got a new phone, so the need for it no longer exists. We considered the posibility of a light mode using the same method, or colored quotation marks for different characters, until—

  2. cPanel tried to screw over my webhost. To over-generalize, they basically held them hostage, in a choice between losing access to all the software that runs the user-end of the server, or giving them over $17,000 a year, for each server they ran. If you ever see this update, then they figured something out.

  3. Removed one level of encryption from the encoded message in TCOLB001☆Welcome to the Outside, just to make it more feesable to solve.

  4. Upgraded our writing software from Notepad to Notepad++.

  5. Decided to completely revamp the code for all the pages from the ground up. The new servers cannot use the SSL template scheme I used, so for now, they will be self-contained pages without templates. We'll probably be fixing shitloads of bugs later because of it, but it will be an improvement in the long run. Might as well do it when we only have a few pages to update. Did yet another editing pass on the existing pages alongside this. The first chapter desperately needed it, even though we've edited and re-edited it several times.

  6. Aditionally, we updated the layout for the update page, aka the page you're looking at. It should be much more readable now. Turned out the reason it was so ugly was because of a typo in the CSS that we didn't notice. Whoops.

  7. Used the downtime to fully redo the Table of Contents, and the structure of the pages. The majority of the site now uses css grids to organize the content and measure margins. Pointless overcomplications —such as using calc(100vw / 2.5) instead of just 40vw, for example— have been reworked somewhat.

  8. Finally got back into our server, and reuploaded several things. Everything after TCOLB001☆C05.html was deleted, and will be re-uploaded once we've finished reformatting them.

2021 June 9th Update

    This update apparently took exactly 120 days, four months, to put out. Considering we live in [CURRENT YEAR JOKE], can you blame us?

  1. Uploaded the draft of TCOLB001⊕C00.html. The rest remains on the hard drive, in desperate need of editing.

  2. Due to an incredibly stupid oversight, the entire Table of Contents page was overwritten, and had to be re-created from scratch, a much older version of the file, and educated guessing from the css roles.

  3. Fixed even more general grammar & spelling errors throught the uploaded pages.

  4. One of us had a birthday, and we discovered we needed glasses. After getting them, we went back and fixed even more grammar & spelling errors. It's gotten so bad that we considered completely rewriting the first chapter, by far the worst one written.

  5. Uploaded the draft of TCOLB001☆C08.html.

2021 February 9th Update

  1. Fixed a bug (that appeared from nowhere, somehow) which forced the compatability mode css template to display —in a broken state— on all levels of the website.

  2. We realized, the moment we uploaded the file last update, that we'd forgotten to add the anchor ids of all the sections and paragraphs to TCOLB001☆C07.html. We were so exhausted at that point that neither of us wanted to do it, so we went to bed instead, agreeing to do it next update.

  3. Updated the style guide for TOWR, and began to reformat the text to reflect the more strict and specific guidelines.

  4. Something that was supposed to be done alongside the previous thing: fix the fact that pages aren't organized into header, main, and footer in the HTML like they're supposed to be. This has been postponed due to a bug in cPanel that forcibly appends a meta tag after the header tag because it mistakes it for the head tag. No, really, I'm serious. That's the level of incompetence we're having to work with here at (To assuage any offense from Heliohost, I mean incompetence of the people who design cPanel.) This means that the HTML will be invalid if I fix it now. I've been told it'll be fixed in about a week, so we'll just wait it out.

2021 February 8th Update

  1. Fixed a formatting error in TCOLB001☆C03.html#§2¶1 that caused that section of text to be center aligned instead of left aligned.

  2. Fixed the broken link from TCOLB001☆C05.html to TCOLB001☆C06.html

  3. Fixed some minor spelling errors in TCOLB001☆C06.html

  4. Fixed a typo in TCOLB001☆C00.html#§1¶4 that both of us had somehow missed. Mispelling engineer as engineee. This error must have been in the draft this entire time and neither of us had noticed, despite the hundreds of times we'd seperately re-read it. Truly inexplicable. This is why we desperately need an editor.

  5. Altered some descriptive text in the prologue to make things (such as who is talking) less ambiguous.

  6. Fixed some small capitalization errors in TCOLB001☆C01.html#§2¶10, and fixed some wonky dialogue in general.

  7. Fixed many other assorted errors in punctuation, quality, and chronology in several other chapters.

  8. Fixed the uptate page's update number system. Additionally, fixed the SSL oversight that made the update page title itself as "Update Update Page" in the title bar.

  9. Uploaded TCOLB001☆C07.html, the first draft of International Feel.

  10. Updated this page.

  11. We forgot to update the navigation in TCOLB001☆C06.html, and the table of contents, to point to the new available chapter. We have fixed this now also, after seriously deliberating putting it off until the next update. It's 1:17 in the morning right now, and we can hardly even keep our eyes open long enough to finish this update description.

2020 September 7th Update

    There have been several updates that had no official update post, as there wasn’t an update page at the time! However, this is the first (real) update post as this is the first time we’d thought to make one.

    With that, hello! You’re reading that first one now.

  1. Several errors (and poor writing) were fixed, mainly within the first few chapters, and included the removal of some unnecessary expository text.

  2. Made the dialogue exchange between the Florin engineer and Michael O’Collane more accurate to what was actually said.

  3. The Earth / the godhead’s right eye symbol (that had been used as a placeholder) has been replaced by the more accurate symbol.

  4. The numbers on the FMBL chapter list have been altered from visually accurate representations of MSL characters, to more compatible ASCII characters, until a more reasonable solution can be found.

  5. Fixed some minor errors in the CSS formatting.

  6. Uploaded the first draft of chapter 6, Question.

Non-Dated Updates

    Some things that were added before this update include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sections of I Live Not Where I Love.

  2. The table of contents (Book 0).

  3. Chapters 0 (the prologue) through 5 of Welcome to the Outside.

  4. Temporary removal of I Live Not Where I Love for complete rewrite.

  5. Temporary removal of the first chapter of FMBL (FMBLC001.html) to prevent spoilers (this was uploaded in error).

  6. Reorganization of the site to use hand-coded templates via SSI.

  7. Introduction of a compatibility mode (mainly for the sake of our mother, whose several-year-old phone cannot withstand the burden of current css & html standards). Also implemented via SSI.

  8. Circumvented Google Font’s sloppy handling of italicised & bolded font variants by a complicated and uninteresting process. I’m aware that the method used is non-standard, but the correct way didn’t work due to a bug (at least I think it’s a bug).

  9. Created a currency symbol for the Neopoint, which has been included in a custom version of the font Roboto.